52onfilm is a photo essay and interview series celebrating the female creative spirit. It is an exploration of women as subject: makers, thinkers, creators, artists – powerful forces driving the world forward.

I don’t remember exactly how I first discovered Amanda, but I became increasingly infatuated her videos on Instagram – the way she carves through space. Her movement inhabits an incredible place that sits between vulnerability and fearlessness, power and intimacy. You can follow her on Instagram and see her perform this season with Pacific Northwest Ballet. She was the first person I ever told about #52onfilm! I was so grateful she understood the vision for this project and agreed to be the first #52onfilm feature, thank you Amanda!:

Who or what do you consider the greatest influence on your work?
There are many influences to why I dance and create movement, but I would say my greatest one would be my experiences as a woman, and specifically a black woman in the world. Art is a way to speak the public about issues, feelings and tell your personal stories; so I’ve always been more interested in my work due to that.

Why did you choose this medium?
I don’t think I ever chose dancing, it chose me. There was never a time when I wasn’t dancing; almost as if it is a permanent part of me. The times when I am filled with the most joy and fulfillment are when I’m dancing and moving.

Who are some other creative individuals you admire?
My favorite people that I admire are writers, poets and musicians/ composers. Something about these other mediums goes hand in hand with dancing, and ultimately inspire me more in my own creations. People especially like Maya Angelou, James Baldwin, Ella Fitzgerald, Bebo Valdes and Celia Cruz are inspiring and interesting to me in their work.

What kind of lasting impression would you like to make with your work?
I hope that when people see me dance or see my choreography that they will at least be caused to think. I hope somehow I can change people’s mindsets about ballet, art and most importantly humanity.

Seattle Dance PhotographyBlack and White contemporary dance photography by Seattle Photographer Anna PetersSeattle Dance PhotographyBlack and White Contemporary Dance Portraits by Seattle Photographer Anna PetersSeattle Dance PhotographyModern Dance Portraits on Film by Seattle Photographer Anna PetersEmotive dance photography in black and white by Seattle Dance Photographer Anna PetersPNB Dancer Amanda Morgan in the Studio with Seattle Dance Photographer Anna PetersContemporary Dance Portraits on Film with Pacific Northwest Ballet dancer Amanda MorganContemporary ballet portraits in the Studio by Seattle Photographer Anna PetersSeattle Dance PhotographyUnique contemporary dance portrait in black and white by Seattle Photographer Anna Peters

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52onfilm is photo essay and interview series celebrating the female creative spirit. It is an exploration of women as makers, thinkers, creators, artists, do-ers, powerful forces driving the world forward. If you’d like to participate or know someone who would be a good fit for the project, I’d love to hear from you.