My friend Olivia once summed up everything I love about film photography in this simple sentence: “Film feels like a memory.”

From January 9th – March 9th of this year, I traveled through Italy, mostly by myself. These images are all shot on a Fuji Klasse, a little point and shoot 35mm camera that fits in my pocket for the days I can’t bring myself to haul out my professional gear (that stuff is heavy). I think of this little guy basically like the film version of my iPhone and it’s one of my most beloved cameras for that reason. Sometimes I seek out an interesting composition or notice something with the light or tones, and other times I just point it at something I want to remember and click (there are a lot of photos of my dad in this set).

This trip was quiet, mostly solitary. Venice, Florence, Rome, more Venice, Siena, a long lazy serene stint in Lake Como, even more Venice. A play between the first timid days of spring and the last blue light of winter. Hope you can enjoy a little of Italy (there’s also a smattering of Geneva, Switzerland in here), the way I did. – Anna



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