All the other images in this series of posts were photographed on my professional workhorse – the Contax 645. But when I travel I also always take along a point and shoot film camera. These images are all shot on a Fuji Klasse, a tiny camera that fits in my pocket. I love bringing this camera with me because it gives me a break from lugging the heavy Contax but also because I know that the images I shoot with it are purely for my memories.

I make that distinction on purpose, and never use the point and shoot for professional work (it wouldn’t really be up to the task anyways). It’s one of my most beloved cameras for the simple reason that when I shoot with it, I’m under zero pressure – I’m just saving the moments I want to remember. Sometimes I seek out an interesting composition or notice something with the light or tones, and other times I just point it at something I want to remember and click. Wrapping up this Italy series with a selection of those memories – my memories. Enjoy!

Anna Peters is an award-winning SEATTLE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER, specializing in artful, honest imagery for life’s most important memories. Since 2014 she has been documenting weddings, portraits and lifestyle imagery  – exploring the Pacific Northwest with her clients and traveling worldwide for destination + travel work. With an eye for simplicity and movement, Anna’s images are defined by a sense of natural ease, elegance, and poetry. For more information, and to inquire about working with Anna for your wedding day or portrait session, please get in touch HERE.