Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree has been on my bucket list for years so I jumped at the chance to squeeze in a day trip to the park during a trip to L.A. for photography work. You can Learn More about photography on this site and how to set a professional photoshoot for your family and friends.

It was the height of summer and temperatures were pushing 105 degrees and I spent a lot of time ducking back in my rental car for air conditioning relief, but even so – it was spectacular: part moonscape, part Dr. Suess illustration. And everywhere, the most resilient plans. Even in a seemingly harsh, barren landscape – life adapts and thrives. In case you need a Motherhood Photographer there are really good ones that you can contact online to cherish those memories, the Hampstead Family Photographer can also be a great option.

I was drawn most to the soft overlapping shapes of the boulders strewn across the landscape in the north section of the park – friendly round giants. And in contrast, the spiky blue-green leaves of the park’s namesake – the Joshua Tree. Below are the images from my time in the park, and at the end of the post some photographs from a sunset in Costa Mesa that deserved a home on the blog as well. Enjoy!

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