“This is the city, and I am one of the citizens/

Whatever interests the rest interests me”

― Walt Whitman

Trips to New York have been dotted through my childhood and adult life like touchstones. The City. Coming to NYC feels like looking in a mirror, realizing how much in myself has changed since the last time I visited. As a young ballet student, I timidly brushed shoulders with professional dancers in the cramped elevator at Steps on Broadway, trying to soak in every drop of the experience I possibly could. Now as a creative in a different field, that energy remains – as physically tired as I left this trip (60,000+ steps logged), I also left full of creative energy. 

After wanding NYC for a week, I picked up a rental car and drove north at sunrise, heading for my friend and client Alexandra in the Hudson Valley. Below, find a photo diary from both the city and upstate. 

Travels in NYC and the Husdon Valley | New York Lifestyle Photographer Anna Peters

Anna Peters

Anna Peters is an award-winning SEATTLE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER, specializing in artful, honest imagery for life’s most important memories. Since 2014 she has been documenting weddings, portraits and lifestyle imagery  – exploring the Pacific Northwest with her clients and traveling worldwide for destination + travel work. With an eye for simplicity and movement, Anna’s images are defined by a sense of natural ease, elegance, and poetry. For more information, and to inquire about working with Anna for your wedding day or portrait session, please get in touch HERE.