Hello, friends. Anna here, checking in from day ??? of stay-at-home times in Seattle.

Honestly, it feels silly writing “staying nourished during difficult times” – but I just couldn’t bring myself to write “keeping it together during a living nightmare,” as accurate as it may be. I won’t dwell on the fear and deep sadness I currently feel. I know you understand.

I’m here in my apartment in Queen Anne, and while I’m very grateful for the company of my cat (he, however, is 100% sick of me), I’m ultimately navigating quarantine solo. While I bow down to anyone parenting currently (as the daughter of two public school teachers I have a good sense of the impossible challenge that just landed in your lap), solo quarantining has come with its own unique set of mental health challenges, painful moments, areas of discomfort, and growth opportunities.

After feeling pretty adrift for the first couple weeks, I set out to create a work and self-care routine for myself and have been – working on it. It’s much harder work than I expected. It’s been hard work to practice my routine, hard work to choose self-respect and follow through on taking good care of myself, and ultimately I have worked very hard to reframe my time alone into an experience of real self-acceptance and self-love. I am proud of how much more at peace I am hanging out with myself all day, even as compared to just last week. The idea of turning my aloneness into solitude, as opposed to allowing it to spiral into loneliness, has been one of my most impactful “The Weirds” revelations. This quote from Susan Sontag struck me in particular:


“I want to be able to be alone, to find it nourishing – not just a waiting

Above, a few moments from evening walks and my quarantine sourdough endeavors


For all of us, not just those who are quarantining solo, this season feels like a waiting. A waiting to hug our loved ones. A waiting to return to work we love. A waiting to gather for weddings and special life events. A waiting to feel safe again. I don’t think it’s possible to not be waiting, but my humble challenge to myself is to create some presence in addition to the waiting. My hope for you is that, like my solitude, your experience right now can be not just a waiting.

Workwise, while I have this extra time – one of the projects that has left me excited but also a little daunted is to give this blog some thoughtful TLC. I’ve been sharing weddings, sessions, and shoots in this space for years, and throughout that time I’ve received many requests to share more behind the scenes thoughts on my process and approach to weddings, portraits, and photography.

So, it’s time to start doing just that. During the next weeks and months, you can find me here much more – updating old posts with more behind the scenes thoughts and stories, sharing more of my expertise, giving more words to my process and approach to weddings, and giving you a peek into my life, travels, and work. If there’s anything, in particular, you’d like to hear from me, please drop me a line!

Thank you for being here, friends! I appreciate you.

– Anna


Anna Peters is an award-winning SEATTLE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER, specializing in artful, honest imagery for life’s most important memories. Since 2014 she has been documenting weddings, portraits and lifestyle imagery  – exploring the Pacific Northwest with her clients and traveling worldwide for destination + travel work. With an eye for simplicity and movement, Anna’s images are defined by a sense of natural ease, elegance, and poetry. For more information, and to inquire about working with Anna for your wedding day or portrait session, please get in touch.