Jenna & Ian – After the Storm in Oahu, Hawaii

It was raining sideways –  fat, warm drops that stung slightly when they landed on your skin – when I pulled into this secluded beach at Turtle Bay. Just 15 minutes earlier, the weather had been perfect. Jenna and Ian and I huddled underneath a palm tree and I laughed out of amazement as the wind rippled cloth against our skin. I’m sure people who grow up on an Island understand and come to terms with this, but: it is a vulnerable thing to be on a hunk of rock in the middle of the ocean.

They told me we should wait it out, that the storm would pass, and they were right. After about 10 minutes, the rain lifted as suddenly as it had come, and we shot along the deserted beach as the sun slipped in and out of the clouds as they receded. It pays to go with the flow, to see what magic might happen if you wait out the storm.