Maui in December travel Hawaii is a recent addition to my travel repertoire. I spent my childhood taking summer trips within Washignton, and up until 2017, had never visited the islands. Since then... open post A Sabbatical in Italy, Part IV | B-Sides travel All the other images in this series of posts were photographed on my professional workhorse - the Contax 645. But when I travel I also always take along a point and shoot film camera. These images are all shot on a Fuji Klasse, a tiny camera that fits in my pocket. I love bringing this camera with me because... open post A Sabbatical in Italy, Part III | Lake Como travel Arriving in Como in early February of 2018, I stopped at an information desk to see which bus I needed to take to the tiny town of Bellagio, where I had just booked two weeks at an Airbnb. When I said I was staying in Bellagio for so long, the man at the informational center hesitated… open post A Sabbatical in Italy, Part II | Venice travel At the very beginning of 2018, I spent two months traveling solo through Italy. (If you missed Part I, you can explore Tuscany with me here). The entire adventure began with a killer flight deal from Seattle to Venice, so the trip was bookended by visits to the island city. I get a lot of questions about my favorite moments and places from the trip, and a lot of raised eyebrows when I share that the two places that I loved most... open post A Sabbatical In Italy, Part I | Tuscany travel While I've shared bits and pieces of this trip on Instagram and elsewhere - I think it's well past time to create a home for the full story of Italy. In early 2018 I had the insane opportunity to spend two months traveling through Italy.  open post September Travels in New York City + The Catskills travel Trips to New York have been dotted through my childhood and adult life like touchstones. The City. Coming to NYC feels like looking in a mirror, realizing how much in myself has changed since the last time I visited. As a young ballet student, I timidly brushed shoulders with... open post