Paradigm Shifting Strategy

I help creative businesses get un-stuck

I know what it feels like to hit a wall. When you’ve poured so much into your business and still, things are just… not happening. Or maybe you’re still on the sidelines, unsure how or when to dive in.

Business magic happens at the intersection of soul and strategy. I teach in that overlap, and I’ve got a knack for breaking down complicated systems into foundational concepts you can use right now and for years to come. I want you to know the power of sitting fully in the drivers seat of your business. And most importantly, I want to set you up with a foundation upon which you build your dreams.

Why Brand Strategy?

The difference between this kind of coaching and other workshops is personalization. It’s not really about me at all. It’s about diving in together to craft an irresistible brand that your customers adore. You’ll learn fundamental business strategy and real-time feedback as you take big leaps forward executing on your vision. Most importantly, you’ll forever transform the way you think about your power as a business owner.

One-on-one Coaching


My high-level coaching program lasts 16 weeks and includes eight 75 minute strategy calls. It also includes unlimited email support between each call, pre-call questionnaires, and worksheets related to each topic covered, as well as a complimentary head-shot session with me.

You'll leave the program taking purposeful steps towards your biggest goals, and with a library of strategy + tactic exercises that you can use to propel your success for years to come.

Happy hour calls are single shot calls to dive deep on one topic or area of your work or business where you are feeling stuck, want to implement new ideas or strategies, or need extra clarity.

Calls are tailored to your needs and can cover topics ranging from mindset to craft to marketing. With the help of a pre-call questionnaire - we'll pinpoint your current frustrations and develop an actionable plan to help you take real steps forward.

Kind words from coaching alumni

Hiring Anna to be my coach was the absolute best decision I could have made early on in my entrepreneurial career. Within our sessions (and all the emails I sent her), I felt heard, pushed (in the best way — hello tough love!), and above all, comfortable with being vulnerable. This is where the growth happened and what Anna is so good at. Anna made sure I had goals for the weeks following a session, helped answer the hard questions I wasn’t able to ask others (mainly because I didn’t even know I could or should), and set me accountable to reach those goals with clear takeaways and strategy.

The difference from before working with Anna and after is striking — I have a steady flow of clients, a healthy and engaging audience on social channels, and the most important thing — a full comprehensive brand strategy with clear goals for myself and my business. I am so sad our time together is over!

– Alexandra Collins, Interior + Graphic Designer

Your transformation starts here:

My biggest mistake in the early years of my business was believing I had to go it alone. I don’t want that to be your story! Fill out the form below to schedule a totally zero-pressure consult call with me. We’ll pinpoint your current frustrations, get clear on your goals for the next 4 months, and see if working together is the best way to get you there.

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