Welcome to Sunday Sessions Spring 2023! Below you'll find location information and other helpful details. I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Helpful Information



To make these smaller sessions work, I schedule multiple sessions back to back. This means: Please, please - don't be late! Factor in all the things when planning the timing of your arrival: getting dressed, traffic, time spent finding parking, walking to the specific meeting spot, any meltdowns or potty breaks (from children or adults!).  You can call or text me at (509) 599-5360 if you need any assistance once you arrive!

What to Bring


For families, I recommend bringing a neutral-colored blanket to cozy up on! For small children, having a serving of mess-free snacks on hand can be helpful as well. To carry all of this, I recommend a canvas tote or reusable grocery shopping bag that you don't mind setting on the ground.

What to Wear


Hopefully, the weather will be wonderful, but we all know how fickle Seattle can be! If it looks like pouring rain, don't worry - we will reschedule. It's good to note that we won't have time to take jackets on and off in between sets of images so you should plan on everyone being warm enough for the full 30 minutes in their photography-ready outfits.

What to expect


As with all of my work, I approach these mini sessions with a gentle touch and try to keep them feeling natural and unforced. For parents of little ones, the absolute best thing you can do to help is relax, and try to have as much fun as possible! I really prefer to let kids lead the way, allowing them to explore and guiding you to interact with each other as a family. I usually start the session with everyone gathered together while you are still fresh, then let things progress naturally, and finally gather everyone back up for some snuggles sitting on a blanket if you have one.



Dogs are welcome at all of the locations for Sunday Sessions! Depending on the personality of your pup, you may want to consider bringing a friend to help dog wrangle — otherwise your pup might be in every photo with you!

Sunday, May 28th — Arboretum

SUNDAY, May 21st — Discovery Park

Sunday, June 4th — Magnuson Park


South Parking Lot