A review from: Olivia and Spencer

Anna went above and beyond by flying into Iceland for just over a day in order to photograph our special day. Her calming and compassionate presence throughout the day was such a gift, especially when emotions were running high. This is not something that Spencer and I had ever considered during the search for a wedding photographer, but as I look back, Anna’s good vibrations were vital to the immense success of the day. For that she has our gratitude forever! Anna was ready with hand warmers (Iceland is cold) and snacks when she could sense that I needed a boost. This simple gesture made me feel loved.

As our memories fade, what we have left from our special day are the photos that Anna made for us. We are so happy that she chose to join us on this adventure because I really couldn’t picture looking back on anyone else’s perspective of our day than Anna’s. Every time I view our photos, I am consumed with a wave of nostalgia; not only because I would love to go back in time and revisit the day again, but because Anna’s artistry so effectively conveys the love, the emotion, and the fleeting nature a memory can have. I so admire Anna’s thoughtful approach and how much she weighs every decision she makes through her medium. I’m convinced that she is magical because of the way she sees the world, and the world she sees is infused with light, simplicity, and poetry.

A Review From Kortnee and Jacob

Choosing Anna as our wedding photographer was the easiest decision in our planning process. Anna’s style is straight out of a fairytale: soft lighting, romantic poses, enchanting compositions, timelessness. Beyond that, though, was Anna’s dedication to capturing those specific magic moments, moments that had the most meaning for my husband and I, and doing so with such grace and warmth. Anna held a completely intimate space for our couple portraits while also commanding our rowdy 18-person bridal party, a feat which would be utterly impossible for a normal person that Anna conducted so effortlessly.

Our wedding photos are nothing short of stunning. Thank you, Anna, for capturing the best day of our lives so brilliantly! I would choose you again and again and again.

A review from Davis and Jaimie

It could not be easier to say good things about Anna. Anna quietly, skillfully and beautifully captured our wedding in an amazing way. I am a filmmaker and my standard for images was high, but after seeing an engagement shoot that Anna did I was in. We met on the phone and I told her that I would be happy if she had a good time, pointed her camera at a few important moments and gave us three images we could put on our wall forever.

I could not believe how many just stunning photos we got from the day. 300 of which I would put on my wall. She cruised through the day wrangling 4 different film camera bodies, patiently and quickly framing her shots and clicking once. She absolutely nailed it every time. I could not be more stoked for the memories and the photos she captured.

A REVIEW FROM Kimmy and Kevin

Anna captured every feeling on our wedding day. From the early morning preparations, to the sunset kisses on the pier at our reception. Anna is a such a calming presence that created a sense of ease throughout the day. We both have large families and a big worry was getting all of the photographs we wanted finished in time. Anna did that with time to spare, and somehow made it fun! She is methodical yet relaxed, and does so much research and planning ahead of time. The locations, backgrounds, lighting, every detail is intentional.

We had all of the confidence in the world in Anna, but when we got back our pictures we were in total awe. Anna has a gift for capturing those candid moments of time you don’t even know are happening until it’s over. Every picture evokes an emotion and brings us right back to that very moment. They are so “us”. The biggest gifts from our wedding day are the pictures and our memories…. and Anna!

A Review from The Sullivan Family

Anna came over to my house one morning to shoot a candid portrait session with my family. She entered into the vulnerable and intimate terrain of our personal life, ritual and experience with such grace and kindness. Being photographed in your home, while engaging in an authentic way with your family, is a really vulnerable experience. The potential for feeling judged or seen in an unfavorable light is always there, but Anna truly made everyone feel so comfortable. She let my son play with her light meter, and chatted with him about whatever he wanted to chat about. She let my husband do his thing, floating in and out of the photo session as he needed in order to feel comfortable. She grounded me and made me feel comfortable with what WAS happening, not with some idea of what SHOULD be happening. She did all of this while taking beautiful images of our family!

The images Anna sent back from that morning I will cherish forever. They capture my family in such an intimate and true way. Looking at them, I see US. I see who we are in all of our complexity and humanity, and I see the love between us. It is a true gift to have images like this, and I can’t thank Anna enough for capturing them with such beauty and thoughtfulness.