Designing your Wedding Album


Welcome! This page will walk you through selecting the images + preferences for your Heirloom Wedding Album. If you run into any questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email!


Step 1: Album Preferences

You’ll begin by choosing the color of the fabric that will bind your album. Albums come bound in either Natural Linen or Sakura Cotton in 10 beautiful shades:


Next, you’ll confirm the embossing text for the front of your Album! Typically, I’d suggest using your first names on the first line with your wedding date underneath. However – if you have a custom request, please let me know! Two lines of text can be embossed on the front of your album in an elegant gold serif font, as below:


Step 2: Image Selection

Now comes the fun task of selecting the images you’d like included in your album! You’ll do so using the favorites tool in your online gallery. 

For Regular Albums: select 50 images
For Large Albums: select 75 images


First, make sure you’re logged in to your gallery with your name and email as below: 


Next, you’ll want to make sure you clear any favorites you’ve already selected! In the main menu bar at the top of your gallery, look for the heart icon and see if there is a number beside it – if there is, you have already selected favorites and will need to go in and clear them!

To clear your favorites, click on that heart to open the favorites section. Before clearing, you have the option to download the favorites you have previously selected so you don’t lose them! After you’ve done so, click “Remove All” to reset your favorites count to zero.


Once your favorites are cleared, the time has come to choose the images for your album by favoriting them! To select an image as a favorite, hover over the image, and click the heart icon that appears in the lower lefthand corner. When you’ve selected the image, you’ll see the heart icon appear solid white.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The images in the “Highlights” section are duplicates to some images in the full gallery. I’d recommend starting with the section below highlights to avoid choosing an image twice. 



You can keep track of how many favorites you’ve selected by returning to the top menu bar – you’ll see a running tally next to the heart icon.


Finally, to review and revise the favorites for your album, click on the heart icon in the menu bar to pull the favorites section back up. Here you can review everything you’ve selected so far and remove images if you change your mind!


Once you’ve reached the number of images I’ve requested – send me an email with your color selection and embossing text preferences, and I will begin hand designing your album layout! I’ll send it to you for review within one week of completing the above and we will be on our way to getting a stunning album in your hands!

– Anna