Big Sky, Montana

August 27, 2018

Forest scene in Big Sky Montana

Big Sky, Montana

Over the years, I’ve learned that one of the simplest ways to create an unforgettable experience on your wedding day is to choose a venue and a location that inspires you. How you feel is influenced by where you are. For me, natural settings are above and beyond some of the most incredible places to create a wedding and photography experience. There is nothing as energizing than soaking in the energy of a landscape you love. Nature is simple, grounding – a reminder that our busy lives full of notifications and to-do lists aren’t the only option.

Montana left me feeling whole, and happy, and happy to just be here, exploring.

When we think “destination wedding” (or just “destination” in general), there are a few locations that instantly come to mind. The luxurious villas of Lake Como, the pristine beaches of the Carribean, the otherworldly beauty of Iceland.

It’s easy to believe that for a truly exquisite adventure you need a passport and a phrase book. But living in the Pacific Northwest for my entire life has left me with such a deep appreciation for the American West. Your exquisite adventure may not be as far away as you think.

A domestic destination wedding (or vacation) involves fewer logistics and less travel time for most of your guests, meaning they have more time to enjoy a long weekend away from their busy lives.

Montana wedding destinations allow you to incorporate stunning vistas into your wedding imagery. but even more important they allow you to experience those vistas – simple things like the breathing truly fresh air, and feeling the sun on your skin.

With venues like The Lodge at Whitefish Lake, Green Valley Ranch, and 320 Guest Lodge, and a range of incredible outdoor activities (hiking, fishing, and trail riding in the summer, and some of the best skiing anywhere in the winter), Montana is a true hidden gem for a stunning, meaningful destination wedding.


Wild grasses blowing in the wind in Big Sky, MontanaFilm photograph of wild apples in Big Sky, MontanaBacklit trees line a riverbank in Big Sky, MontanaQueen Annes Lace captured on film by Destination Wedding Photographer Anna PetersRustic fence lines a field at sunset in Big Sky, MontanaSun sets over a Montana landscape in Big SkyA tree lined river flows beneath Montana skiesGate opens into a golden field in Big Sky, MontanaTrees glow in the setting sun in Big Sky, MontanaWinding path cuts through a serene field in Big Sky, MontanaSun sets over a Montana landscape in Big SkyMoss grows on a rustic fence post in Big Sky, MontanaAn evening landscape with evergreen trees in Big Sky, MontanaWild grasses glow with sunlight in MontanaRocky cliffside in Big Sky, captured by Montana Wedding Photographer Anna PetersEvening scenes in Big Sky captured by top Montana Wedding Photographer Anna PetersRustic details of a Montana Landscape captured by top Destination Wedding Photographer Anna PetersCalm inspiration for a Montana Wedding captured on film by top destination wedding photographer Anna PetersSweeping landscapes of Montana's Big Sky captured on film by top destination wedding photographer Anna Peters

Anna Peters is an award-winning Seattle wedding photographer. Since 2014 she has been photographing heartfelt celebrations and portraits full of simplicity, connection, and joy – exploring the Pacific Northwest with her clients and traveling the country documenting stunning destination weddings. Learn more about Anna and explore her work by visiting the galleries.